Our Story

I'm an Auckland born Kiwi turned wannabe Berlin Bear and I'm here to bring you a fresh Twisted to handmade nut butter.

The nut started to roll with my long-time passion for making espresso coffee and pigging out on my favoured breakfast spread. I soon developed an understanding of the many similarities a coffee bean and a peanut share. From growth to harvest, the raw to the roast and then the mill to the cup or in my case a glass jar, I was able to learn the key focus, roasting.

Like a coffee roaster, I established two distinct roast styles. The Light Roast & The Dark Roast; two unique peanut flavours. We mill & mix a small batch at a time with crunchy peanut pieces and a lick of rock salt.

Was drin ist...

Zwei Zutaten: Erdnüsse und Salz

Zwei Röstungen: hell und dunel

...vom Rösten bis zum Abfüllen...

Alles handgemacht in Berlin.

Natürlich, lecker und gesund.

Kein Zucker
Kein Palm Öl
Keine Zusatzstoffe


Twisted Nut ist stets darauf bedacht, nachhaltig zu sein.

Von der Auswahl hochwertiger, recyclebarer Gläser über die Lieferung von Bestellungen zu Fuß oder mit dem Fahrrad bis hin zum bewussten Umgang mit Wasser beim Abwaschen. 

Meet your maker.

I’m Corby and the peanut butter journey all started from my family’s country cafe north of Auckland, New Zealand. Ideas on what to add to our cafe menu were being developed and peanut butter soon became an interest. In 2015, I launched the Twisted Nut brand into the New Zealand market. Innovating the market with the two roast styles and being the first to introduce ”The Dark Roast” peanut butter to the world market soon became my signature peanut butter.

As I moved myself to Berlin towards the end of 2018. I decided to bring Twisted Nut with me and since then I have roasted and milled every jar by hand into the brand that you see today.

Thanks for all who have tried and continue to use @twisted_nut_butter. Launching a brand and food product to the German market from the moment I touched down in Berlin has certainly had its challenges but nothing would be possible if it wasn’t for the support, time and effort from the people around me.

Photo by Ralf Günther