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Twisted Nut | Berlin's Nut Butter Makers

1kg Bag Of Peanuts

1kg Bag Of Peanuts

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1kg leicht geröstete High-Oleic Erdnüsse aus einer der besten Regionen der Welt, Argentinien. Sie bringen nicht nur natürliche Süße, sondern auch viel Geschmack, nachdem wir sie ohne zugefügte Fette langsam im Ofen rösten. 

Zutaten: Erdnüsse (Sorte: High Oleic Runner Grade, Argentinien 

Eine Notiz zu unserer Verpackung: Unsere Verpackung besteht aus 100% recyclebarem Plastik, dem sogenannten Mono-Plastic. Demnach werden nicht nur unsere Nüsse gut geschützt und behalten ihren Knack und Geschmack, sondern auch die Umwelt.

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  • Illustrierte Erdnuss und Mandel mit Herzchen


  • Sprechblase mit Schrift "F*ck sugar"


  • Illustrierte Kuh mit Daumen


  • Illustrierter Berliner Bär mit Erdnuss in den Händen


  • Illustrierte Palmblatt


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What Makes Twisted Nut Special?

What makes Twisted Nut special is our drive to bring something unique to the market. Too often I see the same just wrapped differently. I wanted something more than that. Hence the brand name “Twisted Nut” simply meaning to bring a “twist” to peanut butter.

I was the first in the world to place nuts in the oven for longer to create my signature Dark Roast Peanut Butter and bring it to market in 2015, New Zealand before relaunching the brand here in Berlin at the end of 2018.

I will continue to do my best to bring you the best, one jar at a time. Join us on our journey.

Who Are We?

Our little slice of peanut heaven begins with us, Corby & Isabell. We met in New Zealand where I (Corby) first started Twisted Nut back in 2015. Over time Isabell decided to move back to her home in Berlin.

At the end of 2018 I moved to Berlin for Isabell to start a new adventure and thought to bring Twisted Nut with me. From our beginning here in Berlin we have been mixing, milling and filling every jar by hand into the brand that you see today.

Who's Doing What?

  • What does Corby do within Twisted Nut?

    “I start my week from early morning (with a slice of toast on the go) roasting, mixing, packing and getting it out the door to the people who order it. Towards the end of the week I’m behind the computer doing my best to drive the brand forward with new releases and shaping the next idea!"

  • What does Isabell do within Twisted Nut?

    Isabell has my back and has done since the beginning. Without her Twisted Nut may not be here running like smooooth peanut butter.. Isabell is in charge of administration and sits in front of the computer making sure all of the paper work is in check. She manages communications for Twisted Nut and is always pushing for the next store or baker to showcase the brand and our handmade goods.

From the farm to your table – so stellen wir unsere Nut Butter her.

  • 1. Sourcing

  • 2. Roasting

  • 3. Cooling

  • 4. Milling

  • 5. Mixing

  • 6. Labeling & Packing

  • 7. Out the door

  • 8. On your table