I would like to connect with you more..

I would like to connect with you more..

Hello you, I'm Corby the founder of Twisted Nut. Yup it's me sitting at my computer listening to my playlist, loud! Sipping a warm cup of coffee with my feet up..

I want to tell you something as I write my first blog entry.

As time progresses, I progress, I evolve and the idea has come to me like a freshly made jar of peanut butter that I wish to connect more with those who choose to buy what I make, as you better believe it without you, I would be screwed and ground up into small peanut particles and blown into the atmosphere like dust. Why not tear down this wall I feel towers between us!? Why not let you know how I'm doing and how things are. Whether it is tremendous success or the absolute opposite. Sometimes it's a reward, sometimes it's shit.  

I will share insights, the scoop and everything in between right here. Yes my grammar and spelling will be at times terrible and what I write might be always really good or sometimes pretty lame but that's what a journey can look like when you believe that you do make something special and do bring something new to the people. 

Have a cool day and let's keep in touch.
Corby, Twisted Nut. 

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